Equalizer Introduced In The Weekly Blockchain in Korea

3 min readNov 2, 2020


A new concept AMM DEX ‘Equalizer’ led by Johnny Chu, the team lead of Qpocket has been introduced in the popular Korean magazine ‘Weekly Blockchain’.

Equalizer is being highly evaluated for its innovation, including smart distribution of governance tokens. First of all, Equalizer shares governance tokens from any token fair, unlike Uniswab or Sushiswab. The addition of trading pairs is also free and, depending on activity, governance tokens are smartly distributed according to the mechanism set without the subjective distribution of the team.

The unique liquidity mining mechanism adopted by the equalizer system automatically adjusts the weight of each pair in the mining pool every six hours, and the EQL distribution rate varies according to the volume of each pair in the previous round.

In addition, users can perform buyback and burn in each pair, and the higher the EQL buyback and burn rates, the more rewards the pair can get from the pool of EQL liquidity mining. This means the pair with the more activity gets more rewards, creating a positive feedback mechanism.

Currently, the first stage of Equalizer is being operated on Ethereum, considering that most assets are now on Ethereum. In the second stage, DAO governance and other functions are being considered, along with continuous improvement, and in the third stage, the application of Quark Chain is being considered.

The engineering part of the equalizer is fully supported by the QuarkChain CEO Qi Zhou as an advisor.

To shed light on this innovation, Weekly Blockchain introduced these contents as a special article, which is already distributed to some of Korea’s most famous and largest bookstores, including Kyobo Bookstore nationwide.


Weekly Blockchain consists of cooperation between TokenPost and Sisa Magazine, and it regularly publishes and distributes various blockchain news, domestic and foreign blockchain trends, and global industry and market prospects, in hard copy magazines. It is also the only blockchain magazine that is displayed and distributed in such top bookstores in Korea.

Weekly Blockchain’s partner Sisa Magazine is a traditional media outlet that started in 1997 to deal with a variety of current affairs issues and is the representative of Korea’s leading magazine. It was selected as one of the nation’s top four monthly magazines by the Korea Publication Commission (KPC) and was also selected as an “excellent content magazine” by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism three times. Currently, the company has been developing into a comprehensive media group by launching weekly news magazines, Sisa Magazine TV and other publications.




An AMM DEX with equal and self-adjusting governance token distribution.